Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is heart's day. Hope you feel the love and happiness in the air today. :)

I just got home from school. And yes, no date for me. :P HAHA! I don't know but I just don't like it on a Valentine's. It's like, I'd rather spend it with my family than anybody else. :) hihi... 

Our student council decided to hold an event in celebration of Valentine's. I got picked to be a searcher for the Mystery Date Game. I got shocked and nervous. I get shy when it comes to stuffs like these. But before that, earlier this morning, my mom and I decided that I will accompany her to do some grocery shopping. I don't want to turn down my professor so I stayed behind. I texted my mom that I'll be coming home late in the afternoon because we have an event so she can go without me. 

Sad though but because of the favor, I stayed. But hey, it's worth it because I enjoyed the show. The first set was a girl searcher with 3 searchees. The guys answered a set of questions and got the chance to hold the searchers hand with both (searcher & searchee) their eyes blind folded. After accumulating the scores, she picked the third one (Searchee C). After lunch break, the second set started. This time, the searcher was a boy with 4 girl searchees. It has the same rules with the first one but this set got funny because they used dummy searchers to prevent the searchees from having any clue who the guy is. We have a small school so the students almost know each other. :D hehe... In order to comment with every girl's answer and tell the audience who he picked, they use the dummies to mislead them with different voices. Unlike the first one, the girl searchees get to touch the guy searcher's chest. BUT! The chests they touched were from the dummies. HAHAHAHAHA! At the last question, two girls tied, searchee B & C, so they have to answer a tie breaker. At last! Guy Searcher finally picked a winner! He picked searchee B.

Everybody enjoyed it. The couples have their pictures taken after every set. The host of the event announced that it was the end of the Mystery Dating Game event. When I heard it, I finally got the chance to breathe. :P HAHAHA! Thank God I wasn't in it. Whew! :P hehe... I didn't finish it because I wanted to go home early. And now that I'm home, maybe later or this evening, my family and I will be celebrating Valentine's Day with some pasta and ice cream. Yey!

By the way, we have a computer shop. And in accordance to Valentine's, we've decided to give away treats for our lady customers whether they are married or not. Here's an example of our gift. :)

How about you? How did you celebrate it? Did you have fun? :) Hope you have a good one! God Bless!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

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  1. Marice says:

    happy valentines to you too sissy!

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