Monday, March 21, 2011

Baker Queen?

Yesterday, a 3-day sale at SM Manila ended. Luckily, we(my mom and I) were there. :) I planned on buying a backpack from Heartstring that can fit a netbook. (Just like my friend's... hehe...) But since we're already there, why not do a little shopping, right? :P HAHA! 

I bought some clothes I can use for school (we don't have a uniform, just polo shirts hehe) and some accessories. I actually didn't know that shops in the mall are also participating in it. I thought that it was only the Department Store that's on sale. :P hehe... So there we go, in and out from shop to shop. Yey! HAHA! We went to Penshoppe to look for my fave scent. Unfortunately, it's still not available. :( But roaming around, I saw this cute cap. I told my mom that it looks familiar but I really can't recall where I saw it. haha... I tried some but decided to buy this instead. 

Isn't it cute? :) I also bought a gloss from Etude. :) When we got home, I then remembered that I saw the cap from the Koreanovela, Baker King, the one like what Eula wore. :) 

Well those 2, the cap and lip gloss, we're actually the only things not in my list that I bought. While the backpack? The main reason for our shopping? Eeehh... I can't find the right one/design for me. HAHAHA! Yet I'm happy to have 'em. :) Maybe I'll try looking in some other malls. Oh by the way, I've tried the lip gloss this morning before going to school. I have to say, it's worth the price. :)

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