Saturday, March 19, 2011

Got Disappointed

Yah, today's post is a rant. HAHA! I cashed out my funds from OnBux last March 6. It says there that it will be received after 7-10 days yet I still haven't received it until now. :( Plus, my friend Cedrick, from One Stop Blog, told me that there are some speculations building up about OnBux turning into a scam. OH MY GOD!

I am a Gold member in Onbux and my pending payment is $77 (with some cents :P hehe) that's why I'm so disappointed. It's big, right? So I guess you'll know what I'm feeling right now. hehe... I'm so worried, wondering if I'd still receive it or not. :( huhuhu... I also noticed that NeoBux and ClixSense decreased their ads payment. Because of that, I've decided to cash out all my funds in all my PTC sites. HAHA! Yet, I still hold on to a little hope that I will receive my OnBux payment. :(

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