Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm so happy that all our hard work paid off. I've mentioned in my previous post that I was doing some editing for my classmates/friends which made me stay up all night without sleeping. HAHAHA! Well, today is their judgment day. HAHA! The whole class will be watching all the music videos submitted by different groups. I was at home when they texted me that they're watching the videos. After their class, they texted me again a very good news. They got the highest grade! Wuhoo!!! They never stopped thanking me since we finished shooting for it. HAHA! I was so flattered and overwhelmed. I was very happy as well because I've never thought that they would get the highest grade. I only wanted to create a good and wacky video. :) This recognition maybe is the reward of our hard work and my last week's sleepless night. :P hehe...

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