Saturday, May 28, 2011

Got a New Pet!

This afternoon I was awaken when my dad showed us a cat that his client gave. The cat was previously promised by his client but was just given after...months? No, I think years. HAHA! I've always wanted a cat that's why I was so happy. My dad doesn't know how old it is yet he said that its name was Whiskas. It is a Siamese cat and still young so we are planning on changing its name. :D hehehe... It's a girl and kinda thin. Its face was beautiful, has a long tail and has thick feet. hehe...

Though the cat was given to our client by his friend who is going back to Japan, we are happy that he decided to pass the ownership to us. :) My camera's battery charger was broken so I can't get a picture of it. :( Yet I'll find a way to post it soon. :)

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