Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Planning Something New

It about my blog. :D hehe... I've already asked about this in the Adgitize forum and even blogged about it. I'm very confused and bothered on how to change its appearance. Another thing is that I'm planning to change its name because some readers and fellow bloggers don't understand or know the meaning of "Chenelyn". I know a lot of Filipinos know what it means. Unfortunately, non-Filipinos do not. 

Well, let me explain it a little. The word "Chenelyn" is a gay linggo or in other words, an expression used by gays in the Philippines. It is not a formal word. For me, it is a word which was just made by creative people. :) hehe... It usually means "whatever" and is sometimes used to fill sentences with unexplainable reactions. :D hehe... Does it give a little light on its meaning? :P hehe... 

Anyway, I'm still gonna change it for the sake of others. Yet I'm still planning when to re-launch my blog and what template design will I use to make it more lively. I've already thought of new names and the voting with my friends goes down to "Oh, So Nash!". I also experimented on a new badge for it last night. I don't know if it's good enough so I would appreciate if you guys would give your opinions. Here it is. :)

Aside from my reply to your comments, thank you in advance for those who would give their opinions. :)


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  1. JoeyH. says:

    That would be cool if "Oh, so Nash" I mean, you put some emotions when you say those words, hehehe..

  2. HAHA! Well I think that will just depend on how people read it. :P hehe...

  3. Mel Cole says:

    lol, now ko pa narinig ang new gay word na yan. I like it like saying...."I wanna....chenelyn(whatever)..." hehehe. Still nice though. Just spread the word out.

  4. HAHA! Nakuha mo naman Ate Mel eh hehe.. Thanks for dropping.. Drafting some possible designs pa bago ko introduce ung new changes hehe..

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