Monday, May 23, 2011

Tarot Craze

Today was supposed to be our first day in class but unfortunately it was moved to May 30. I didn't know about it that's why it's kinda annoying yet I was very happy to see the faces of my classmates once again that I missed so much. :)

Since we have no classes, Deej and I, together with a classmate, we decided to go to Greenhills and look for tarot cards which we've already planned before. We strolled and asked for directions to the store. We found the store and asked where the cards are located. We gazed in amusement with each set of tarot cards we held. Deej was confused which one to pick. It took him a little longer and reviewed each one that catches his attention. Finally, he was down with to sets. Still undecided, I helped him by jumbling the cards at my back. But I intentionally didn't jumble it much wherein I returned each set to my hands where they were originally placed. But I know he already has one in mind. When he chose the one on the left, I knew that those deck where really meant for him because that was what he almost picked in the first place. :) Instincts, huh? hehe...We also looked for a mood ring for myself. We found one and I was satisfied that it really changes its color specially when I jump my moods. :P HAHAHA!

After that, we just strolled and decided to buy some drinks. It was my first time trying the new ice cream of Kimi which is Krazy Banana. :) It tastes good and I had fun eating it. HAHAHA! It was late afternoon so we decided to eat at KFC. The branch of KFC there was shared with Mister Donut so you can see their customers clearly as well. When we finished eating, Deej opened the deck and so we just talked about it. While talking, someone caught my attention. I was staring at a customer at Mister Donut whom I think looks familiar. I've thought of her as someone who looks like the veteran actress Caridad Sanchez. But I'm not sure of it because her head was down so I didn't mind it anymore. Then, our classmate noticed her and asked us who she is. When I saw her, her head was already up so that's why I finally confirmed it to myself that she really is Caridad Sanchez! I was just happy to see a veteran celebrity. :) HAHA!

So much for a day, huh? :) Now, why tarot cards? Well the two of us have a little secret but I wanna share this experience because today was fun. :)

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  1. That is a nice day you have.. even if you dont have class at least it ends up well.

  2. Yah! Another thing is that we didn't ran into any rain. :) hihi.. Thanks for dropping. :)

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