Monday, June 6, 2011

Dorm Hunt

I got home very tired inquiring from one building to another but I'm not the one looking for a dorm. It was for my guy friend who lives at Tanza, Cavite because his schedule is very tiring and hard for traveling back and forth (eg. class ends at 9:30pm then starts the next day at 8:30am). We searched around the U-Belt and Sampaloc area for a convenient and cheap room. Rooms around the U-Belt are more expensive than Sampaloc yet we searched for something safe and clean enough. It took us hours but good thing the last one I recommended approved to his standards. 

In picking a temporary place to live, I believe that you should also consider the ambiance to help you concentrate on your studies. You should check the cleanliness and safety not just your things but yourself, specially the location. You also have to weigh whether it is more convenient to have a place near your school but has higher rates, or a little distance away but cheaper. Well of course that depends on the distance, right? :D hehe... No matter what your decision is, you should study hard! :)

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