Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nuffnang and PLDTmyDSL Special Movie Screening

First of all I'd like to thank Nuffnang and PLDTmyDSL for the wonderful experience and the chance to watch Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. I was really happy to have that movie date with my mom. :) It was awesome that I don't know how and where to start my story. LOL!

Okay, first off! The movie screening was held at Shangri-la Mall Cineplex around 7 in the evening but the winners should be there at 6pm.

Earlier that day my thesismate and I had an appointment regarding our thesis which made me a little tired. In the afternoon, I met up with my mom at the LRT station so we can go to the venue together. Unfortunately, the train we rode was defective so after 2 stations, we had to alight and wait for another train. WHAT THE?! Imagine how many people were inside that DEFECTIVE train! PLUS the people waiting at the platform! Oh c'mon! But we can't do anything about it, right? So we just eagerly wait for a train to ride. It took us an hour to get to the MRT station because the defective train barely moved and kept us inside while their technicians are checking it for problems. Good thing, we arrived at the venue exactly 6pm even though the MRT train was jam packed. HAHA! 

We entered the mall through the MRT station then while walking towards the Cineplex, I saw Jennylyn Mercado with Luis Manzano! I looked back at my mom, who was a few steps behind me, and moved my mouth telling her that Jennylyn and Luis were inside a shop. She didn't get it so she approached me then asked. After telling it to her, she simply walked back passing the shop then returning to me but of course she looked at the shop. She said Jen giggled when she noticed her passing and looking at Jen. HAHA! Though we already saw Jen before, years ago, I still adore seeing her. :) hihi...

We got to the Cineplex but there were no group of people. I'm surprised but when I saw a lady wearing a nametag with a Nuffies header, I approached her and asked. She told me that it was upstairs and I have to register first. So up we go and voila! Oh, there they are! And hey, there are Transformers cosplayers! Yey! HAHA! At the registration table, I saw stickers with names. They asked for my name and my companion's which they wrote on a separate sticker. They gave me the tickets and told me to get the sticker with my name on and place it anywhere I want. hihi... The lovely girls from PLDT gave me 2 id lanyards. Yey freebies! My camera's faulty that time so I didn't notice that my picture holding my prizes wasn't captured. :( huhu... But I took a picture of them when we got home so you can check it out below. :)

At the registration

Pretty cool, huh? :)

The lady at the table told me that there is a buffet and a photo booth for all. But I didn't hear her clear so I don't know where it is. :P HAHAHA! We looked for it downstairs because we can't see it there although we didn't search thoroughly. :P hehe... I was hungry as well so we bought popcorn, drinks and hotdog, for my mom. When we got up, we saw people eating at some tables. We walked through and there we saw the buffet! I was like, "OH MAN!". It was late but unfortunately we already bought our food and we can't do anything about it AGAIN. Yet, we still ate the foods they serve and saved ours for the movie. :P hoho! They serve finger foods but it made me full already given that I'm hungry. LOL! Here's the buffet food.

It's kinda blurry. Sorry. :(

The standing tables were all occupied and full so we just settled at the near ledge. LOL. Nothing to be ashamed of even if there were rich people in the venue but it serves us more comfortable and we also saw someone do it that's why we just did it as well. HAHA! I'm not a food blogger or an expert but from what I've tasted I can somewhat tell the ingredients of those finger foods. :) I'm pretty sure that the iced tea is not Nestea because I love that brand. lol. I think it's Lipton. :) The kebab-like is composed of a cucumber and a sausage(not sure, or maybe bologna?), I think. There is also a baked potato as small as a fishball. LOL. The pizza-like consist of fish fillet, tomato, and... I forgot. HAHA! The wrap has chicken meat in it with that green leafy veggie. I think it's lettuce. All in all, it was gooood. :) Here's a clearer shot below but with our drink and the hotdog. HAHA!

I think you know it even without the blur. LOL

After eating, we just didn't waste time and grab some pictures with the cosplayers. I've got pictures from all of them. :) hihi...

 Bumblebee, my favorite :)

Sentinel Prime

Optimus Prime, my 2nd fave :)


While we were eating, I saw the photo booth the lady was talking about but I forgot about it after eating and we will be shortly entering the cinema when I remembered it. :( We were near the doors waiting. The previous screening ended and I was just looking at the people coming out when I saw Carlo Gonzales among them. *Hah!* I just can't tell if I'm lucky or not because I see celebrities when I least expect them yet talk about our troubles that day. HAHA!

Before the movie started, 3 bloggers were rewarded for having a creative post. They also conducted a contest to give others a chance to win some cool prizes. Unfortunately, I didn't win but what I'm really after is the movie screening. :) And guess what! Pia Arcangel is in the cinema with her husband, Mico Halili. She's so beautiful. I'm just a newbie with Nuffnang's event so I'm not familiar with other bloggers and I was surprised that he is a blogger, as well as Patty Laurel. Well, here's a sneak peak of the mini introduction program. After that, the movie started.

Can you see the prizes? :)

It's only my second time joining an event from Nuffnang but I can already tell, even with my first experience, that it's so much fun and really unforgettable. Once again, Thank you Nuffnang and PLDT. Hope to be involved in another fun-thrilling experience, and more power. :)

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  1. reese says:

    sarap maka-experience niyan ah! is the movie nice?

  2. Ayoko mag-spoil kaya di ako nag-include ng anything about the movie but it wasn't nice, it was WICKED! wahahaha! :D

  3. sarah says:

    i would love to experience a nuffnang event too. Got an invite from them twice kaya lang di magswak sa sked at ang layo ko din. Pretty excited though for my Transformers movie date with my gal pals this weekend. Ngyn ko lng nakita, yan pala itsura ni sentinel prime, thanks for posting pics :)

  4. Des says:

    Wow! Lucky for you! ;D I'm not manila based that's why I missed those things, ;( I'm sure my son would have enjoy the event, although we watched it here the first day too.

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