Friday, July 1, 2011

Comedy Friday: Ice Bump

I accidentally dropped this ice bag after opening the refrigerator and when I picked it up, I was surprised that it had a bump. LOL! :D

*I'm currently busy preparing for our thesis title defense later so I'll get back to you guys a little late this day. :) I still haven't slept yet. HAHA! :D Wish me luck! :)

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  1. nyabach0i says:

    haha ice bump! tatry ko nga to. maglalaglag ako ng yelo intentionally.

  2. moirai says:

    This is due to an inherent defect in the structure of the polyethylene packaging used, resulting in a weak point allowing for water molecules to expand into as it transitioned from liquid to solid states.
    (Note: I have no idea what I'm talking about.)

    Either that, or this is a female ice bag who has been playing around with a male ice bag inside the freezer... >.>
    Watch out for ice ice babies. Dundun dundun durudundun.


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  4. haha .. cute! so how's your thesis? Hope everything is fine.

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