Sunday, July 10, 2011

Angry Birds Live

I know it's late notice but this is the first time I've watched the commercial of T-Mobile using Angry Birds. Plus, the video was a live version! Imagine a game turned to reality. Well that's something, huh? ;) *wink!*

Source: YouTube

I saw this video from my friend in Facebook last night. Although a saw it before, which also became viral in Facebook through sharing, I really ignore it since I don't know the game. I haven't seen it, played it and I don't even know how it works! I haven't played it yet until my friend lent me his iPad last Friday. My first time. LOL! It's really cute and easy to play but it was hard to kill those pigs! ARGH! HAHA! It reminded me of the online game Gunbound that I used to play.Watch it below.

Source: YouTube

Both games have cute characters. They both use chibi characters, cartoonized small and cute version of characters. hihi... But the difference is that Gunbound is a more complicated game unlike Angry Birds. In order to make a shot in Gunbound, you have to calculate the angle and intensity to indicate how strong the shot will be. You can also use special items to improve your shot. You also have an option to choose the map and vehicle of your choice. And unlike Angry Birds, this game is online and a multiplayer.

Anyway, it's still up to the player to choose any game he/she enjoys more no matter how it works, whether it's complicated or not. As a gamer myself, you don't have to be very good in playing any game. You just have to understand how a game works and how it is played. After all, a game is just for fun and leisure, right? :)

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  1. teecup says:

    I'm gaga over Angry Birds! :)

  2. @ Gagay - Kaya dami nababaliw eh hehe...

    @ Teecup - It's cute, eh? hehe

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