Saturday, July 9, 2011

We Passed!!

It was our title defense earlier this afternoon for the second time because we got rejected for the first time. And clearly, we passed! Yey! We were required to present 3 topics. They approved 2 topics! Wow! They said that we were very different from the last time. They also said that we came prepared and we presented 3 topics instead of 1 unlike before wherein the 2 topics were very good. They found it difficult to choose only 1 for our thesis title even though they approved 2 titles. No matter what, we were very happy that our 2nd chance didn't go to waste. From there on, we will strive hard to pass until our thesis is over. 

After our defense, we changed into our casual clothes and head to the mall to watch Temptation Island. :) hihi... On our way to the school before our defense, we made a deal that if we pass, I'll treat them to a movie. And since I want to watch Temptation Island, we all agreed to watch it. No spoiling but I want to share that it's a movie worth watching. We laughed all throughout the movie. HAHA! We really enjoyed the movie and I felt our laughs coming from our heart due to the happiness of passing our defense. :) 

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  1. reese says:

    hahaha, nice to hear that...congrats!

  2. kat says:

    Congrats for passing the Thesis!...comedy pala yong Temptation Island? hehe

  3. Melai says:

    Congratz! It's ok to treat ourselves if we did something great.. :)

  4. @ Reese - Thank you! :D

    @ Kat - Thanks! Nako, title pa lang un. Sana diretso na hanggang final defense. hehe... Oo, comedy. Ang kulit nga eh. HAHA!

    @ Melai - Thanks! Yup! It really felt great. :)

  5. cONgrats girl ... Hmmm..mukha ngang sexy comedy yon movie i saw it in commercial.

  6. good thing you passed, congrats!

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