Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Baby Is Born!

Well of course it's not mine. LOL. My friend's girlfriend gave birth today to a cuddly baby girl that weighed 8.5 pounds. That's big for a baby, right? Anyway, I was half awake when a friend texted me that our friend's girlfriend gave birth today. The hospital is near my place so he invited me to come along. I had some thoughts of not going because it was raining and I just woke up. I had a long sleep because I was tired from yesterday's event and my lack of sleep. But since it was near, I finally decided to go there. I only stayed for 2 hours since the visiting hours are only up to 9pm. We just had dinner and some chats. He also introduced me to his girlfriend and her mom. Sadly, the baby had an infection so they'll be staying at a relative's house for a week. It's near our place so he asked me to visit them sometimes. They were bored there because all of the rooms with TV were occupied. Well, I was bored here at home as well and I've missed my friends that's why I can say that it's worth visiting them. :)

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