Saturday, July 30, 2011

Not Impressive Anymore

Early this day, I attended Graphika Manila 2011 at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia with some friends. I intended to attend Graphika Manila's Conference annually because of my experience last year. I was satisfied and impressed with how fun it was. But this day gave me second thoughts. Because of my previous experience, I was expecting to see more and a different theme than before, or at least the same quality as the last one since their ticket prices were higher this year. Unfortunately, it wasn't. The speakers were good but sorry to say that I didn't appreciate all of them. I only liked 3 out of the 6 speakers. Plus, I didn't like the food we bought at the cater as well which they sold at unlawfully high prices. *Ugh!* I have to admit, I (we...LOL!) didn't like the food. 

I haven't finished this blog yet but I read it already from the beginning to check some errors and I've noticed that this post is like a rant. Well, not much of a rant but this seems like my expression for dissatisfaction. LOL! But as I can remember, I checked the 5-smiley rating, which was the highest, in the evaluation form which was submitted before the conference ended. HAHA! I guess I was just too sleepy that time because I only had 2 hours of sleep with only pancit bihon for lunch. HAHA! Anyway, after that we headed straight to Burger King to eat good food which was my first time dining in that establishment. hehe...

I'm tired and sleepy. I can't elaborate no more. That's it. I'm off. :)

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