Monday, July 18, 2011

Goodbye Former Congressman

The former 2nd District Congressman of Manila, Jaime Lopez (Jim Lopez), died last Thursday at a hospital. I heard this from my grandmother (my mom's aunt, sister of my grandma) last week but I forgot to blog about it. She said that the late congressman was already confined in the hospital due to sickness. I didn't hear much of the story because I was doing something so I searched the internet for further details about the news and I found out that he died of complications after a heart surgery. I felt sad about it because I kinda like him as a politician and that's why I want to blog about it. :(

Earlier this night, my mom and I went to the market to buy some snacks and produce. We only walked our way there and we were wondering why there were jeepneys and vehicles that are not in the right route or taking shortcuts. We just concluded that it was due to heavy traffic from students dismissed from schools. After buying at the mini grocery, we went to the wet market and was surprised to see many police officers in the streets. We were about to cross the street when we saw SUVs running at fast speed and in a line. I eagerly told my mom that maybe a big politician came and the line of SUVs we saw was a convoy. We were stranded for some minutes on the other side because of the convoy. Finally, it reached the end then we crossed. While walking towards the market, we saw a vendor(suki) that we knew. We asked her who it was. She answered that it was the president, Noynoy Aquino, and that she had the chance to luckily shook his hands. I felt a little starstruck with her story because for me, it's very rare to meet a popular celebrity or politician personally. She also said that the late congressman's coffin was in the church. By the way, the church in our place was beside the market. I just thought that it was brought there for public viewing.

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