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Good Customer Service From Dermaesthetique

* This is not a paid/sponsored review. I personally want to share my experience with this establishment. For further information, please read the Disclosure Policy. *

Last Thursday, I had my first IPL underarm hair removal. I called the clinic last Monday to have it scheduled a few days before. I bought some discount voucher from Megadeals. The voucher was an 88% discount for an IPL Hair Removal with Bleaching at Dermaesthetique which originally costs Php3000 (approx. $70). And guess what? I got it for only Php350 (approx. $8). Yipee! A customer can buy 10 vouchers max but I only bought 6. Before buying I called them first and inquired about it which they gladly answered all my questions. Well you know how I'm a bit nosy with details, eh? :) hehe...

So far, Dermaesthetique has 3 branches in the Philippines, Makati, Malate and Ermita. I scheduled mine in Ermita because it's nearer to me. hehe... Though I'm familiar with the place, I searched the location through Google Map so I won't get lost and to save money from fare. LOL. My scheduled time was supposed to be 6:30pm but since our professor was absent, I came there earlier than expected. No worries though because I intended to be earlier in case of heavy traffic and I was also willing to wait as well. There were only a few people so I've thought that I won't be waiting long. *Whew!* I notified the receptionist about my appointment then sat at the receiving area. She made me fill up a form for record concerns then I gave her my voucher.Oh by the way, she welcomed me with a smile. :) hihi...

Their clinic was not big but very tight and clean. Though I'm not sure if it's big or small because I didn't search the whole clinic. There were no annoying and/or disgusting smell specially those nasty chemical fumes you smell like the ones in salons(e.g. hairspray, etc). The attendants were nice and friendly. You can hear them talking to their customers behind the blinds and it looks like they were having a good conversation. There was a customer there that bought some medicine but the receptionist had no change for the bill. Luckily, I brought with me the money from our paluwagan (solidarity bank, translation from the internet) and had the bill exchanged. The customer and receptionist were so thankful. hehe... The receptionist even joked that I should go there more often for some change. HAHA! For every customer that left the clinic, you can see smiles on their faces. There was even a girl who left her phone but luckily she got it after coming back a few minutes later.

And now, for the moment of truth. It's my turn! Wahaha! :P The attendant bleached my underarms first for about 15 minutes. She told me it would hurt due to muscle strain because I would have my arms placed at my head to show my underarms. Oh, it really hurts to make yourself beautiful, eh? LOL! I took power naps but after a few minutes I felt the strain. huhu... When my bleaching was over, we proceeded to the IPL session. She made me wore goggles for protection and warned me of the pinch-like pain during the procedure. It didn't hurt but you could really feel the pinch. HAHA! Then, she shaved and cleaned it. That's it! I'm done. It was fast, wasn't it? The IPL was even faster than the bleaching. LOL. After that, they scheduled me for my next session. I asked them if I can reschedule it in case I have something going on that day and they answered "yes". Well if that's just the case. :D hehe...

Well all in all, I like the way they try to make their customers comfortable with their scheduling and services. They're also very friendly and polite. And because of that, I would be considering to avail other services from them with or without discounts. :)


Fun fact:
The IPL or Intense pulsed light treatment method is not a permanent hair removal. It will just reduce the hair of the treated area. I've searched it in the net. :D hehe...

They are currently aiming for expansion and will soon have branches in Quezon City. (The attendant told me.) You can check them out on their website or their Facebook Account.

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  1. Sayang wala sa place namin .. wow you got a good deal laki ng discount mo.

  2. Oo grabe sa laki noh? Sana lapit ka lang dito sa Manila. :) hehe

  3. NeerUam says:

    hi! can i just ask. tapos mo na 6 sessions? kamusta po ang changes?

  4. heartcloud23 says:

    hi.. just wondering. ok po ba un effect nun ipl with bleaching sa kanila? bibili kasi ko ng vouchers. thank you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Meron na silang branch sa may Tandang sora, Quezon City :)

  6. @ NeerUam & heartcloud23 - I just finished my 6th session last Friday. It was really satisfying. Actually, around my 4th and 5th session malaki na agad ang difference. Nabawasan na rin ung growth ng hair. Though ang recommended is 8-15 sessions. Sabi nila it will depend on your body's reaction naman daw. And compared to plucking, mas makinis syang tignan. Hindi ka magsisisi. :)

    They also have a new branch at Ortigas sa Strata Bldg. This post was last July pa kaya di ko napansin na may nag-comment. If you have any questions pa, you can email me or follow me on Twitter. I'd gladly answer you. Please see my Contact page. Thank you for your time and inquiries. Hope it helped. :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi! just want to ask, how many clicks per underarm ang ginawa sayo?

  8. Di ko po nabibilang eh, pero once lang dinadaanan bawat area hanggang sa makumpleto ung buong underarm area.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I had 6 sessions in their makati branch, nabawasan lang ng mga 10% yung hair. Im not satisfied... Hindi ako "balbon" na tao... My underarm hair is not thick... It wont look yucky kahit matagal nako di nagpluck or shave.. Sabi ng attendant mga 4 sessions lang wala na dapat tumutubo... When i bought, i made it 6 sessions para sure. But after my 6th session... Very minimal changes... Nagcomplain ako, pero ang sabi iba2 raw response ng body... Gaano pa karami kailangan ko?? I had 6 already with 10% deduction on hair growth... In fairness super bait ng staff.. But i feel they have defective service.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have 6 vouchers of laser lipo from Dermaesthetique, anybody interested na bilhin? email me at thanks :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    I have 10 vouchers of lipo cavitation fat blaster and 10 radio frequency from Dermaesthetique, anybody interested na bilhin? leave your contact number here and I'll text you the details.

  12. Actually, ung growth bumagal pero after nung sessions ko di siya totally nawala sakin so tinigil ko na lang. Tsaka, medyo nawalan ng budget kaya di ko na rin nasundan hahaha. And yes, in fairness, super bait ng staff nila. That's why until now, I still patronize their services. :)

    For now, I enjoy their deep cleansing facials and diamond peel. :)

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