Saturday, August 6, 2011

PR Level Up

Oh yeah! My blog is PR1 now! Go check it at the lower part of my blog! LOL! So much for the excitement, eh? HAHA! 

Well, I'm just happy to finally rise from my PR0 levels before. Thanks to the post of Reese which I've read. It was indicated there that she is now PR1 that's why I eagerly checked mine as well to try my luck. LOL. Anyway, Congratulation Reese! I hurriedly posted the good news on my Facebook status tagging along my fellow bloggers and friends, Deej and Cedrick. Deej commented and have his other blogs checked as well. And guess what? His blogs leveled up too! Wuhoo! Oh, Google you're so generous these past few weeks. Merry Christmas! LOL!

I was supposed to blog about my Adgitize payment but maybe I'll just do it tomorrow. These good news are quite overwhelming for me already. I'm very tired being awake for more than 37 hours now including 10 hours in school today. So I think, I'll head to bed now for a long relaxing sleep in this rainy night. Good night everyone! :)

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  1. Fishlover says:

    Congrats Sis...That's good news,me too I couldnt believe it when i saw my page rank increase :)

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