Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Suspensions Lately

Due to a lot of storm that entered the Philippines last month, a lot of classes were suspended in all levels for some few days. But until this month, the storms keep on coming. The classes were suspended again today but the good thing about it was that our school suspended our classes early in the morning so I had no trouble going to school and back home. Another good thing is that my classes were in the afternoon. hihi... However, these suspensions are making me miss my friends and our class discussions are also getting delayed specially our midterm examinations. I'm getting a bit worried that we will cram with the new school schedules because we have our proposal defense and midterm in line. But I know we, college students, are not the only ones affected by these storms. I just hope that all of the students will have enough strength and wisdom to comply with make-up classes and delayed discussions.

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  1. Miss studying na ulit. Miss you guys! :D

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