Monday, September 12, 2011

Good News And My Absence

It's a nice start for a week to hear some good news, right? Today, we were notified that our defense was moved on Monday. It was supposed to be this Friday but our Thesis professor worried that the lack of sufficient time might affect the quality of our theses. That is the best extension they can offer but we're pretty fine with it. In fact, we're really glad that it was moved even for a few days. A few days would be a lot of help. :) I don't know if I can blog for the next couple of days. I want to concentrate on finishing our thesis. We certainly want to pass and I need to settle my priorities first. I haven't finished my other blogs yet. LOL. So I guess I'll be gone for a while. I hope you guys pray that all of us who are taking our theses will pass. I would really appreciate that. :) *wink* Well, thanks in advance. See you guys soon and God bless us all. :)

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  1. reese says:

    the delay is an advantage, makakapaghanda pa ng husto sa defense; first things first nash, you better concentrate muna your thesis...blogging can wait

  2. teecup says:

    Best of luck, girl :) We're on the same boat. I've got 4 report and an e-book to submit by this weekend. Sadly, no extensions for me.

  3. Rovie says:

    praying for wisdom during your thesis defense nash... thesis muna saka na lang ang blogging...hehehe...we will wait for another good news after your defense...

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