Monday, September 5, 2011

Problem With Awards

Hey guys! I've sneaked here again. HAHA! Tomorrow my class will only be from 6pm-9pm. That's harsh, right? GGRRR! But of course, I have to attend it. I'm still busy with some projects and I was tired of working on our thesis today. Forgive me for late replies guys. I know you understand that. My readers are the best! Yeah! *wink*


I recently received my 2 new blogging awards. I've received some before but the problem is, I don't know how it works. I know I have to pass it but I don't know how to choose my winners because obviously I could just give it to those who are close to me. LOL! I also don't know if there is a fixed number for the winners. HAHA! It's funny 'cause it's just a minor problem but I'm just confused because I don't want to mess it up and do it the wrong way. :) hehe... So I guess... A little help here, please? :)

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  1. ronadelle says:

    Huhu. I don't know either. I'm here again to thank you for following me back! So happy! Good luck with you!

  2. Just follow the instructions ako minsan tamad mag post nito eh ahahah ..sometimes comment lang ako don sa nagbigay then nalilimutan ko na post sa blog ko =)

    Anyway, if you are not busy pa help naman please

    Just go to and LEAVE comment - For your comment Just copy paste this one …

    My top 3
    1. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    2. Right Here Waiting
    3. Sweet Child of Mine

    Voting ends this Saturday Philippine time, thanks thanks in advance.

  3. teecup says:

    Hi Nash... Thanks for visiting my blog :) Good luck on your thesis and school work... Worry less about the award... you won't be graded for it (lol).

  4. Rovie says:

    hello nash... exactly the same feeling when I received my first ever blog award.

    what you should do is follow the instructions given. when they say award to 15 choose 15... you can actually give that award to any blogger close to you or not.. basta khit sinong choice mo pwde yan.

    You should blog or brag (;) about it. The very important part is you link back in your post the blog/site of the one who gave you the award as a sign of gratitude...

    please check this link...

    Congrats and enjoy your award nash. you so deserve it!

  5. reese says:

    oo nga nash...just follow the instructions! and pass mo kung sino feel mo
    mukhang isa ako dun sa nagbigay ng awards hahaha

  6. ronadelle says:

    Nash I posted your badge on my site. Come check it out!

  7. reese says:

    hi nash! napadaan...

  8. Rovie says:

    hello nash... visiting you today!

  9. EINz says:

    Yeah, awards usually comes with instructions whether you have to share some infos about you, or pass it to certain no. of fellow bloggers you find perfect for the tag. Some just post it saying "just feel free to grab" the award, which i found awkward. Coz its more valuable if it was given directly to you, meaning you are chosen for certain reasons.

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