Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Passed Thesis A!!

Hurray! We passed our thesis A which was the documentations for our System Thesis. Now, it's off to thesis B for us to develop the system we proposed. We just had some minor revision that we need to settle but we're as good as passed. :) I'd like to thank you guys for the prayers and support. We never expected it to have only minor revisions but we sure want to do our very best. It was a fruitful moment for us. We instantly called our parents to tell the good news. Of course they were as happy as we were. I celebrated last night with a few friends then went home. 

For now, we'll be finishing the revisions then we'll enroll as soon as possible. I'll get to you guys back after, okay? Though I don't leave comments, I hope you guys feel that I always ran into or visit your blogs silently. :D hihi... Once again, thank you and God bless us all! *wink*

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  1. reese says:

    wow...that is a good news!
    congrats nash

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