Thursday, May 29, 2014

Can't log in to Blogger with your Yahoo ID?

It's been a long time since my last blog post. Whew! At last, I've retrieved my blog! Google has given me a hard time retrieving my Blogger account (not to mention that I've been busy with work). I've been wondering how to retrieve my account for a few weeks now. I almost gave up. :( It's really heartbreaking just thinking that I will lose my blog which I've created and taken care of for years. 

When I created this blog, I used a Yahoo account. So when I tried to visit my Blogger account again, I was asked to provide a Gmail account. I was like, "Whoa! What will I do? I used a Yahoo account but they require a Gmail account to sign in to Blogger! :'( huhu...". I felt helpless. I can't find a ticket or support page (only a Help page that shows you generic problem/stuff) for Blogger to send an email about my concern. And since, I'm busy and always tired from work, I can't spend a lot (or enough) of time just trying to find out ways on how I can retrieve my Blogger account. It's just now that I gained enough motivation (motivation due to the feeling that my blog will be or feel like a waste if I won't retrieve it) to thoroughly search for a solution on retrieving my Blogger account. HAHA! :D 

Good thing I found this link: Can't log in to Blogger with my yahoo ID.. :) Any way, if you have a problem similar to mine, just go to this link: It will ask you for your blog's link or the email address where your blog is connected. After that, I think you'll know what to do from there. ;) hehe... 

Hope this'll help bloggers with the same problem. 

Happy blogging! ;) *wink!*

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