Friday, May 30, 2014


E-Jeepneys, or electrical jeepney, have been around for years now. It's eco-friendly since it uses electricity rather than gasoline. However, they run on a lower speed level than those vehicles using gasoline. But why am I talking about vehicles and environment friendly stuff anyway? Is my blog going to be reverted to an informative site? HAHA! Of course not! I'm just giving you a little trivia about these stuff and how they're related to my post. *wink!*  

Anyway... It just happens that I got overjoyed when I rode one (an e-jeepney) earlier today while going to work. I work at Makati. And from where I drop off, it's a little far from my office that's why I have to walk a long way to avoid the traffic from Ayala Avenue. (I also kinda hate going up and down the underpass :P hehe...) The only way to get to work faster is by riding a cab. But of course, it's expensive going to the office that way and everyday. haha... So another way is to ride the e-jeepney. However, you won't always see one passing by. (Its quantity is not like ordinary jeepneys, that is. hehe...) And whenever I see one, I can't catch it because I'm on the part of the sidewalk that is far from where I can ride it. HAHA! (C'mon... Makati has a lot of closed sidewalks or restricted loading zones. LOL.) Luckily, while crossing the street this morning, I saw one! Yeey! I immediately signaled the driver (that I want to ride) then jumped in. HAHA! It was my first time! HAHA! And since it was my first time, I got so overjoyed that I want to share it, to blog it or even post it on Facebook. But let's skip the Fcebook part. LOL! It's so shallow but I'm happy. haha... I even took a picture. LOL! 

See? Haha...

I don't know how much a ride costs so I paid 20 pesos. The changed was 12 pesos, so I therefore conclude that one ride costs 8 pesos. LOL... Feeling like a pro while typing that (underlined phrase). haha... I felt like a kid even for just a few minutes. haha... It saved me a lot of time from walking and I was early for office as well. :) hihi... Ahh... It just feels good. I love that feeling. It feels good having good vibes start your day, eh?

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