Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shopping Online or Not?

Oh, shopping! Why are you so addictive?? Although, I don't shop a lot or most of the time, I still find it addictive. Good thing I can control my addiction. (not to mention some resisting help from my mom LOL)

I've been shopping online for years now because I find it really convenient. You can pay electronically (online), choose by just browsing pictures and have your item shipped right at your doorsteps. Easy, huh? However, at first, I only shop for gadgets and novelty stuff. I find novelty stuff on the net hard to find in the local stores, while some are just cute. *wink!* hehe... 

I was hesitant to shop for clothes because of the intangibility of the product while browsing. I'm more comfortable with browsing and fitting clothes/shoes before buying them. I was very pessimistic with it. Oh, c'mon! Shopping for gadgets is easier because you don't have to fit it, right? haha... But since I started using Instagram, I discovered online shops of different items from clothes to gadgets to food and a lot more. Whoa! However, the process of ordering from online shops in Instagram was very new to me. I admit that at first, it's a bit of a hassle when it comes to paying them but I got used to it. (for the love of getting the item, I'll do anything LOL) I still prefer paying through Paypal though. :P hihi... (no offense) I'm only used to buying stuff from independent sites and online shops which lets me pay from my PayPal account.

Although hesitant with the size and fitting of the first garment I bought online, I forced myself to stay and think positive. LOL. And when I got the item, it fit perfectly and the quality was good! And after that, I gained confidence when it comes to buying clothes online. I almost got addicted!...buying clothes, stuff and even food online weekly. HAHA! My mom just woke me up to reality. LOL! I still shop online now, but with moderation. I don't want my earnings to be all just clothes and stuff. I still need to save some money for whatever use and for the future, right? hehe... 

Some of the stuff I've bought online. Clothes, shoes, make up, food, etc.

Just a friendly reminder, shop only from trusted online sellers and shops. Luckily, I haven't been scammed with shopping online and hopefully not in the future. I always check for feedback of online sellers from buyers and the security features of a site. Convenience is what online shopping offers most, but always remember to stay secured not only with your money but most importantly with your identity. Happy online shopping! ;) *wink!*

Friday, May 30, 2014


E-Jeepneys, or electrical jeepney, have been around for years now. It's eco-friendly since it uses electricity rather than gasoline. However, they run on a lower speed level than those vehicles using gasoline. But why am I talking about vehicles and environment friendly stuff anyway? Is my blog going to be reverted to an informative site? HAHA! Of course not! I'm just giving you a little trivia about these stuff and how they're related to my post. *wink!*  

Anyway... It just happens that I got overjoyed when I rode one (an e-jeepney) earlier today while going to work. I work at Makati. And from where I drop off, it's a little far from my office that's why I have to walk a long way to avoid the traffic from Ayala Avenue. (I also kinda hate going up and down the underpass :P hehe...) The only way to get to work faster is by riding a cab. But of course, it's expensive going to the office that way and everyday. haha... So another way is to ride the e-jeepney. However, you won't always see one passing by. (Its quantity is not like ordinary jeepneys, that is. hehe...) And whenever I see one, I can't catch it because I'm on the part of the sidewalk that is far from where I can ride it. HAHA! (C'mon... Makati has a lot of closed sidewalks or restricted loading zones. LOL.) Luckily, while crossing the street this morning, I saw one! Yeey! I immediately signaled the driver (that I want to ride) then jumped in. HAHA! It was my first time! HAHA! And since it was my first time, I got so overjoyed that I want to share it, to blog it or even post it on Facebook. But let's skip the Fcebook part. LOL! It's so shallow but I'm happy. haha... I even took a picture. LOL! 

See? Haha...

I don't know how much a ride costs so I paid 20 pesos. The changed was 12 pesos, so I therefore conclude that one ride costs 8 pesos. LOL... Feeling like a pro while typing that (underlined phrase). haha... I felt like a kid even for just a few minutes. haha... It saved me a lot of time from walking and I was early for office as well. :) hihi... Ahh... It just feels good. I love that feeling. It feels good having good vibes start your day, eh?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Can't log in to Blogger with your Yahoo ID?

It's been a long time since my last blog post. Whew! At last, I've retrieved my blog! Google has given me a hard time retrieving my Blogger account (not to mention that I've been busy with work). I've been wondering how to retrieve my account for a few weeks now. I almost gave up. :( It's really heartbreaking just thinking that I will lose my blog which I've created and taken care of for years. 

When I created this blog, I used a Yahoo account. So when I tried to visit my Blogger account again, I was asked to provide a Gmail account. I was like, "Whoa! What will I do? I used a Yahoo account but they require a Gmail account to sign in to Blogger! :'( huhu...". I felt helpless. I can't find a ticket or support page (only a Help page that shows you generic problem/stuff) for Blogger to send an email about my concern. And since, I'm busy and always tired from work, I can't spend a lot (or enough) of time just trying to find out ways on how I can retrieve my Blogger account. It's just now that I gained enough motivation (motivation due to the feeling that my blog will be or feel like a waste if I won't retrieve it) to thoroughly search for a solution on retrieving my Blogger account. HAHA! :D 

Good thing I found this link: Can't log in to Blogger with my yahoo ID.. :) Any way, if you have a problem similar to mine, just go to this link: It will ask you for your blog's link or the email address where your blog is connected. After that, I think you'll know what to do from there. ;) hehe... 

Hope this'll help bloggers with the same problem. 

Happy blogging! ;) *wink!*

Saturday, October 12, 2013

AirAsia Zest's Right Way to Fly

I've never traveled through an airplane before...ever! That's why I've already started listing my dream places and hopefully start travelling next year. But before anything else, I'd like to explore my own country first. (Of course. haha!) 

I like beaches. It's so natural, calm and relaxing. It makes me feel free of stress and tiredness from work and the city life. That's why I have included most of them as my dream places in my wishlist. Here are the places I want to visit:

Local, first! *wink!*

1. Kalibo (Boracay)


It's always the 'word of mouth', 'talk of the town' and everybody's paradise that's why I want to visit it and it's always on top of my list. I'd like to see the fine white sand and relax. They also say the parties there are awesome! It's so popular to all local and foreign tourists too! ;) *wink!*

2. Puerto Princesa


They say it's paradise as well. Although, for me, I've always seen Palawan as a paradise. :) I also want to visit the famous Underground River. Having it as one of The New 7 Wonders of Nature in the whole world makes me more proud of being a Filipino and proud of my country. ;) *wink!*

3. Cebu

As a Catholic, I've always wanted to visit Magellan's Cross. It is not just a landmark but also a part of our history. Seeing it up close would be a privilege and a pleasurable experience I might say. :) Also, talking to my friends made me aware that there are cool and beautiful beaches there wherein some of them are yet to be discovered. Hmm... sounds like an adventure to me. ;) *wink!*

For my international destination...

1. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


After the local hotspots, Kota Kinabalu is also a dream destination for me. Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Sabah in Malaysia. I've always wanted to go there too, but of course, after exploring our local tourist destinations first and after saving enough money to spend there. :P haha! I've made friends with a Malaysian as well when they attended Dutdutan last year. Might wanna pay a visit there. :)

2. Incheon, South Korea


Korea is a hot topic nowadays starting from their koreanovelas, boy/girl groups, fashion, food, etc. I've been a fan of few koreanovelas and movies as well. I'm also mistaken to be a korean myself. LOL! But the thing is, my interest in their entertainment (showbiz that is) made me want to explore their country too. So, let's skip the beaches and discover other people's lifestyle and culture, shall we? :)

3. Shanghai, China


Another country I want to discover is China. For those who don't know, I have a little chinese blood in me. No wonder I like a lot of Chinese food. ;) hihi... If Binondo's China Town is not enough, why not go to China? HAHA! I want to explore the culture of my roots. And from what I've seen on TV, Shanghai is pretty cool and alive. :)

I have longed to travel to these places but can't afford the travel expenses. Good thing AirAsia teamed up with Zest Air! Zest Air will now be flying with AirAsia as the Civil Aeronautics Board approves “AirAsia Zest” to be the new brand name of Zest Airways, Inc.

Zest now with the logo of AirAsia. Pretty cool, huh? :)

Imagine 2 of the best low cost airlines together flying you domestically and internationally at an affordable price! Not to mention their world class service. ;) *wink!* That's just amazing! AirAsia Zest dares you to compare prices! Now you can travel in the Philippines or travel in Asia with AirAsia at a low cost! Since they've moved their flights from Clark Airport, AirAsia Zest flies from Manila through NAIA Terminal 4.

Whether it's your first time or your next flight, why not choose AirAsia Zest for that low cost and world-class flying experience. Might as well use the money you save from tickets for shopping souvenirs. No need to think about it 'cause I know whose taking me to my dream destinations. ;) *wink!*

You can LIKE AirAsiaPhilippines on Facebook or FOLLOW AirAsiaPhilippines on Twitter for their latest new and updates. 

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