Friday, October 15, 2010

Bathroom Dance

I am an avid fan of Bubble Gang, a comedy/gag show in GMA7 aired every late Friday night. I make sure to watch it weekly to soothe off the stress after every tiring and busy week. One of its cast is Micheal V., a very, very good and creative comedian, whom I idolize a lot. He has the equipment to make everybody laugh. :)

I love Lady Gaga! I admire her! I love listening to her songs and like 'em too. I like the way she dresses that sweeps everybody's attention. For me, she's a good dresser.

So why talk about Micheal V. of Bubble Gang and Lady Gaga?? I'm not comparing them. In fact, they have something in common, Bad Romance. The real version for Lady Gaga, and the parody version for Micheal V. :P haha! Watch this and laugh away! :)

Bathroom Dance by Gagang Lady* (A parody of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance)
*Gagang Lady is a combination of Filipino and English language which means crazy lady.

I was so amazed on how he thought of the lyrics and arranged it to rhyme as close as the original song which is Bad Romance. The theme of the song was practically funny because a lot of people experience having a bad stomach after eating so much food. He also had really funny lyrics too. (If you don't understand the Filipino language, it won't be funny for you. hehe..) 

P.S. I love both versions! :)

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  1. Yap, how could he'd thought of that, specially the part

    "Jeux tox lng un"

    haha :) yup thanks for the nephew reminder, I knew I know that haha :D

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