Thursday, October 14, 2010

Benefits from what you drink

I am a health and fitness conscious. I always see to it that I stay fit, look good, and eat and drink healthy. And that's why I like reading articles and stuff concerning health which are abundant in the internet. :) Thus, magazines and newspapers also provide them.

I believe in the idiom: Prevention is better than cure

Remember that having a healthy body feels good and helps you perform better everyday. Living up to it, I don't like getting sick. Just imagine the hospital bills you have to pay rather than the costs of fruits and veggies. But did you know that not only fruits and vegetables can help you be healthy? Here is the link to one article I've read in Yahoo! Health that will surely be helpful on your mission to be healthy.

It is about beverages like water with health benefits we barely know. These benefits were tested and based from studies so no need to worry about their effectiveness. And before I forgot, always remember that these healthy tips work better if you sleep early and exercise regularly. Start living healthy now! :)

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