Saturday, October 23, 2010

Final Sportsfest Day

Okay fine! I woke up late! I didn't make it. I didn't get to watch the basketball game and the dance competition of my friends. :( I'm just pissed but I really can't go there as early as 8am. I'm very tired. I need to gain energy but it was late when I had the strength to stand up from my bed. So sad but I guess they got it on cam so I'll just watch it though it's not live anymore. :D hehe...

 I arrive there at 2 in the afternoon. The game and dance competition were finished. Good thing there are still something to watch. The volleyball game between professors and students is about to begin. I made it just on time before it started. :) It was a very good and exciting game. I cheered everyone all the way. After the volleyball game, it was a basketball game also between the professors and students.  It was fun watching your professor play a friendly game and for the sake of bonding with students and friendship. We enjoyed it a lot.

When the game ended, the awarding was prepared. We were at the pool bleachers. The awarding started. After a few awards given, the rain poured! It was so heavy that they had to stop it for a while. Time is passing and it's almost getting dark yet the rain still won't subside. They've just decided to do the ceremony at the bleachers. :D hehehe... I got pictures of every winner for memories and to post them on my Facebook. :P HA-HA! It was fun! Everyone was tired. Everyone was happy. 

It was such a day but me and my friend decided to go to my place to grab some snacks. On our way home, my mom texted me to buy some ingredients for her Carbonara which we will be having for dinner. So we went to the mall, which was along our way, and do some groceries. After buying, we went to my house. As soon as we arrived, we uploaded the pictures and helped prepare the Carbonara. :) Yum! 

After dinner, we chat, got some pics and did some Facebook. We rested for a while then prepared our home-made 'scramble' shake. We got the recipe from the internet then we're off. The food coloring was scattered on my hand because they surprised me when I was pouring it. >_< Here's a picture of it:

The food coloring was red so it looked like I have blood on my hands. :P HA-HA! It was an experiment and our first time to make it but it was good. We enjoyed it a lot. 

After our desert, my friend finished some uploading and went home. It was such a day! I suuupppeerrrr enjoyed it! Oh and by the way, Monday is the Baranggay elections day so it's a 3-day weekend for me. What a looonng weekend! :D Thank God it's Friday! :)

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  1. what scramble exactly? hehe, yup, SHABU!

    Salamat Hesus At Byernes Uli.

    pearl! put up a chatbox, I'll put you as "Blog of the month", so you'd be expecting some outside readers :)

  2. hi there, your a classmate of cedngasngu (so hard to say) lolz, anyway i think its my first time here, hope you visit me too, cheers!
    by the way followed your blog, hope you do the same =)

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