Thursday, October 21, 2010

Never give up! Never surrender!

Today is the second day of our Sportsfest and so as our second game. This will be our last chance to defend ourselves from losing. The basic information is in my previous blog. If you have read it, well continue reading. :D hehe...

We were told that our game will start at 9:30 in the morning so we should be there by 9 o'clock. I woke up as early as I can. It was 6:30am (I think?). I can still feel the muscle pains from yesterday's game that's why it was kinda hard for me to wake up or even move. Yet I move as fast as I can to get there on time.

I got there at 9:30am! Oh man! They might be starting or preparing for the game! When I entered the complex, it was a basketball game! What the?! You've got to be kidding me! I could've sleep a little longer instead of forcing myself to wake up early just to be there on time! That little rest can be a kinda helpful. But what can I do? I am already there. My friends were already there too. It's kinda embarrassing to invite them to watch my game that early yet the schedule was wrong. >_< Sorry guys. Good thing they understood that the information was wrongfully sent. :) Thanks for coming and for the support! Much appreciated. So I just practiced for our game before lunchtime while my friends looked for some ways to kill time.

It was 12 noon. The game still hasn't started. I was already hungry. I only ate a little for breakfast. So I went out with my friend to grab some snacks. I can't eat rice because it will be heavy for me while playing. We went to a convenient store to eat instant cupped noodles. :) We saw our classmates there as well. So there we go, we got the noodles, paid and sat. We poured hot water and waited for it to be cooked. But by the time it was cooked, when I was ready to put it in my mouth, my teammate came! He told me that the game can't start without me! I was the only one missing! OMG! We will lose by default if I don't get their as soon as possible! My friend told me to go there without her. She insisted that she'll just finish eating and catch up to watch the game together with our classmates in the store. So off I go with my cup noodles in my hand. HA-HA! I got there just on time. 

Last 5 minutes before the game...
They prepared while I finished my noodles. :P HA-HA! When we talked about our game plan, they told me that we only have 2 girl players. OMG! We have no substitutes! This is gonna kill me! This is a mixed player volleyball team game. We need 4 boys and 2 girls. We had no choice but to take the responsibility to play until the last minute. T_T huhuhu... 

The game started... (I'll just summarize.)
We had a good start in both our 1st and 2nd set. But as the game rolls, our game play is deteriorating. So we ended up losing again. T_T huhuhu... 

Both teams congratulated each other for putting up a good game. We still didn't let them win easily that's why everybody was happy. It was so much fun! 

So now how am I doing? Both my legs hurt! I can hardly walk! It's hard to straighten it up! But hey! It's all worth it! Specially if you see the support and satisfaction of your friends for you. :)

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