Saturday, October 23, 2010


Not much activity today. I just overslept and lazily rested the whole day. :D hehe... The only interesting thing for me today is a song. :)

We have a computer shop that's connected to our house so I hear a lot of noise starting from chitchats to sound trips from our customers. While I'm busy with my computer, I heard this song that caught my attention. It is a new song. I knew I've heard it before but I don't know the title so I looked it up on Google. Surprisingly, it was a song from B.o.B. I like his songs. He has nice collaborations.

The song has a jumpy, cool and laid back beat. My ears enjoy hearing it. :D But as I listen to it for hours, I noticed it sounded like Hey Mickey by Tony Basil. :P HA-HA! (It was in the '80s I think.) Yet I can't get over this song. I'm having LSS! HA-HA! And because of that, I thought of doing an AVP for my schoolmates, classmates, professors and friends in school.

As the title of this blog says it all, the song is called Magic by B.o.B that features Rivers Cuomo. Here's the video of the song so you can watch it too:

Hmm... Aside from Facebook, I think I want to post the AVP here as well after I'm done with it. Just to let you see a glimpse of my college life and how happy it is. :)

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