Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It was really annoying that our schedule in Multimedia Technology, our subject, was moved to 5:30-7:45pm from 1pm-3:15 in the afternoon. I really wanted to go home early today. :( My classes end at 5:30pm with only 2 subjects this day. But to my surprise, our professor will provide a hands-on lesson today. I have to know what he will be teaching.

Today our professor thought us how to use and make Adobe Flash images and animations. I got really excited because it'll add up to my knowledge in multimedia. But as I can remember, I already learned a little about Flash back in my high school days. I was young then so I don't have that much interest yet in multimedia aside from video editing.

So there we go, listening and following to what he discusses and instructs. I excitedly follow his instructions. I really want to learn Flash too! It'll be good if I'll have an animated badge, right? :) HA-HA!

We are doing our stuff when he excused himself from the class. While he's out, I experimented how to animate shapes. (So excited, huh?) I click this, I click that. Then, after some trials, I did it! I made my first animation! I made it without our professor teaching it! He just discussed us about the tools but not yet the animation that's why I'm happy and proud to learn it on my own. :)

After minutes away from our class, our professor returned and continued the lesson. He rushed on the instructions of the animation because it's almost time for us to go. He told us to draw an airplane and make it fly. XD HAHAHA!!! Our professor teases some of us because of their undistinguished airplane shapes. He joked that some of them don't even look like planes. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I showed mine. It was okay with him. :) *Whew!* I carried on and did the animation. I finished and showed it. He approved it so I'm good to go. Yipee! I can go home now! HAHA! 

Hey wait up! I'm not going home yet! My friend asked me to go home with her  and grab some 'Scramble' shake with her at the mall because her class ends the same with mine. I anxiously agreed having a present addiction to it. :P So as soon as I came out of our room, we went straight to the mall then to our favorite franchise. :D 

We finished it there because it's raining outside. After eating, we went out and the rain stopped. It's time to go home. We have the same jeepney route but I alighted first. She still has a long way to go. 

I bid her goodbye and hope she's safe. Aahhh... Another day of satisfaction brought to me by our favorite 'Scramble' shake'. Hope you had a nice day too. :)

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  1. happy to know that you learned your lesson in school so quickly, anyway i hope you have shoutbox here hhehe, so visitors will leave message everytime we drop by here, cheers!

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