Wednesday, October 27, 2010


In our Entrepreneurship subject today, we had an assignment about reporting a company's profile, stuff they offer, etc etc etc. It's anything and everything about a company we will be assigned. By the way, the companies we will be reporting are from the Top 1,000 companies in the Philippines. Our professor gave us examples of the companies like GMA, ABS-CBN, Meralco and etc. We have to pick a partner wherein we have to submit a hard copy and discuss a PowerPoint presentation in class on our assigned reporting day.

My friend and I decided to team up since we're friends and I'm comfortable working with him. We passed our names as a team and waited to be called to pick a random company among the folded papers on our professor's hand.  I was so excited! I can't wait to see and know what company we will be reporting! :D Luckily, we were the first one to be called. I was finishing the notes I am copying on the board so he represented our team to pick a company. As he is approaching our professor, I was wishing quietly to myself that we could have a good company. I wish it would be something not so hard to find or search on the net yet interesting as well.

Here it is! Drum roll please! *drums playing on my mind* XD

Nash: "Hey what is it?"
Friend: "Jollibee!"
Nash: "Yes!!!"

HAHAHA! I was so delighted to know our company report will be about Jollibee Foods Corporation. It made me flashback on my childhood days. I was a Jollibee kid back then. XD HAHA! I don't know why but for me, Jollibee really has that factor that makes everyone enthusiastic and sometimes anxious specially the kids. Just like me, I'm enthusiastically working on our report now while typing this blog down. HAHA! 

As they all and a Facebook Fan page say, "Walang batang hindi dumaan kay Jollibee." :)

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