Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friends with no mutual connection

It's all about Facebook! I'm talking about Facebook friends. :D

Ever experienced being added by someone you don't know? Do both of you have any mutual friends? Do you wonder how they found you? Are you in doubt why they want to add you? These are some of the questions that comes to my mind whenever I encounter being added by a stranger.

I usually receive friend requests from Facebook users whom I don't know. When I view their profile, we have no mutual friends! They didn't seem to note why they want to add me(the short message in the request before adding a friend). Others don't even have a real photo! What the! I wouldn't accept your request for sure! You could at least tell me that you want to be friends with me. That's legal, right? HA-HA! But despite this, I still have an exception. :D hehe.. I still add people whom I don't know but that's just because of the games I play in Facebook that requires players whom I need to interact with. These people usually are foreigners who play a lot.(I view their profile first to see if they're really playing. :P hehe..)

Those we're the old times... (about a year ago? :P haha!) I don't play games that much anymore so I don't add people who I really really don't know specially now that the news reports a lot of tragedy and scam from Facebook. They use Facebook for bad intentions that cause people harm. *tsk tsk tsk...* This is not good that's why now, I am more careful when adding friends. I make sure I know them personally. I don't transact with online goods. And I don't do meet ups and eyeballs with Facebook friends that just add me up because of games and tend to get close to me. It chills me after knowing what the victims experienced.

I hope users would be more careful and alert when it comes to making friends. There are some who come nice but intends something bad after getting close to you. We will never know who they are, yet we should never let our guard down everytime.

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  1. Deej says:

    Same here. Since I put my facebook link on my blogs, a lot of people keep on adding me until now asking about facebook cheats, smart/globe unlit text hack, and the worst video scandals. :p

    I simply ignore them btw just to be safe from buggers. :)

    PS: Pansin ko din eh. Ewan ko ba, super highblood ako. tsk

  2. Nice blogpost pearl! parang paid review para sa facebook ah :D keep it up.

    Sana madami ka nang audience, gawa kang badge iaadvertise kita sa blog ko :D

  3. @Deej - If that's just what they want to ask, it's really good to ignore them, right? hehe..

  4. @Ced - Oh talaga? Yey! Thanks! Thanks! Nag-iisip pa nga rin ako ng badge hehehe...

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