Monday, October 18, 2010

An umbrella Vs. The strong winds


This afternoon, I went back to school to pass my activity work and attend our publications meeting. (Well I only have 1 subject every Monday morning that's why I go home afterwards.) It was cloudy that time but I still brought an umbrella with me. Signal number 1 was already raised at Metro Manila so I'd better be ready.

The coast is clear. There's no rain. Got my umbrella and activity work. So now I'm off to school!

I went to school safe and sound, and DRY. :) I passed my work, attended the meeting and mingled with friends. It was 7pm and I'm still in school. Suddenly, the rain poured! I was disappointed with myself because I didn't leave earlier to avoid the rain. Good thing I have my umbrella*! Because of my umbrella, I was relaxed that I won't get wet that much so I carried on with what I was doing. 

After surfing the net, I decided to go home but I waited for the rain to subside. When it did, I hurriedly walked to the jeepney stop. I need 3 jeepney rides to go home. So now I got in the first. The rain was still weak but before I got off, the rain poured heavily! Oh man! Lucky me, my umbrella saved my day. :) Off to my second ride! I almost jumped to enter the jeepney! Oh my! (I just wanna go home... T-T huhuhu...) As the jeep gets close to my 3rd ride terminal, the rain gets even heavier. Oh c'mon! Please stop! T-T huhuhu... There I go again... Go Umbrella! But this time, my umbrella failed me. :( The heavy rain was mixed with strong winds! Uh-oh! I was fighting with the wind! :O I tried my best to prevent myself from getting wet. I ran to my 3rd jeepney ride! It was not yet full so I get to select a seat but it did not took long for the jeepney to get full. I was a little relaxed knowing that I'll be just minutes away from home when the jeepney left the terminal. Just then the rain got weak again. Was it teasing me? Or it just wants me wet?! Never mind. I'm just glad that I'm safe.

Well this was the annoying part. I really thought I survived the heavy rain and strong winds, but I didn't. When I got off the jeepney, I felt something wet. It was my pants! My whole legs at the back part were so wet! How come I didn't feel that while seating at the jeepney?! It seems like the umbrella only protected my head and upper body. HA-HA! Funny but it was good for me because I think getting your upper body, specially the head, wet is worse which may get you sick than your lower body. :)

P.S. Remember to drink juices rich in Vitamin C this season to prevent colds and other sickness. 
*Orange colored umbrella

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  1. Nice pearl, I see you've got plenty of posts :) cmon and make a badge so I can make you "Blog of the month" on my blog :) so others can view your blog :)

  2. Wah! Wait! BTW Thanks! :)

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