Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween at the mall


It's Halloween everyone! And I'm enjoying my long weekend. :)

This afternoon, my mom and I went to the mall for some shopping and groceries. Oh my sister was with us too but she left early after buying a new pair of leather shoes for school. 

We went straight to the department store to buy her shoes because she is about to leave. When we entered, I was kinda shocked to see the sales people wearing dark make-up like having heavy eye shadows, pale face color, dark or black lipsticks, and blood going down from their mouth, etc. But then I eventually thought it was part of their gimmick for the Halloween. :) This made me appreciate Halloween even better. Thus, I loved it ever since. :D haha!

So now where were we? Oh yeah, my sister was looking for a shoe... It took her so long to pick one. She and my mom roam around the shoe area to pick the shoe of her choice while I patiently wait at a near couch in the same area. She was so choosy but finally she found one that fitted her choice. So after that she went off to school for their feeding program there and we did some shopping too. 

We roamed around thinking of stuff we need and want. While looking around, a guy in a costume passed us by. I giggled with amusement and told my mom to look at the guy. She was amazed too and we both were wondering why he was like that. Curious on the reason why, our eyes followed him to where and what he will do while checking on some stuff. He stopped near us and picked something. When he passed us, we saw him wearing artificial Harpy-like wings on his arms and stopped in front of a stall with some scary toys. I told my mom I want to grab a picture with him but she told me it's silly for someone like my age. HAHAHA! I really wanted it but she got me convinced instead so I didn't bother anymore. A few moments, another guy was there wearing a black costume and make-up. For me, he looked like Darth Vader but a ghostly version. :P HAHAHA! They were surrounded by a lot of people wanting to take pictures with them and their kids in just minutes that we turned our back on them! I was pissed 'cause I missed the opportunity to take a picture with him when he was still alone when we saw him and nobody to intrude. Now, everybody's attention was with them and it's kinda embarrassing to do so. >_< Oh well, can't do anything about it anymore. I'm shy. >_< hehe... So we payed our items and went out.

We strolled the shops every floor then we decided to enter one. We picked and bought some shirts but something stopped us before totally leaving the shop. We saw one of its customer holding a bag. A cute and little bag! It was so cute I had to find it to check it out! HAHA! When we saw it, I can't let it go. I told my mom that I liked it and I wanted to have it. So after inspecting for damages, we instantly bought it. I was so delighted! It was backpack that's so little and has a long strap but can store a lot inside. Here's a picture of it:

*Cute isn't it? :) hehe*

We went to the top floor to eat my favorite Scramble shake with my mom. :) We went to a gadget shop to buy some computer accessories (e.g. laptop keyboard protector and card reader) but it was jam packed so we just went down to buy some groceries. This time I have my Green Bag with me. :D hehe... Then, we ate at a food stall in the supermarket. There was only one seat available so my mom decided that we just stand while eating at the high table but with our groceries at the chair. Well it's kinda heavy. I ordered then got it soon enough. As we are eating, my mom told me that she's pissed with the guy in one chair. She said that he's not gentleman enough to offer us a seat though he's finish eating. 

It's really annoying to see someone being numb on other's situation. This made me realize that people can be judged with simple and little things in every or occasional situations of our life. But look on the bright side, not all people are like that and there are people happy to be of good help. :)

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