Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My suspended day

When I woke up, my mom told me to fix myself because we will be having a visitor. The visitor I'm referring to is the buyer of my sister's drums. She's selling it to buy a laptop. I ignored it saying that who cares about them or him or whoever he/she is/they are. (I don't know if only one person will come or more.)

My classes today were in the afternoon so I woke up around lunch time. My mom and sis also told me that classes were suspended yet the tertiary levels will depend on the announcement directly from schools instead of CHED. Again, I ignored what they said because I believe that our school won't suspend it even if there's a super typhoon and unless it was officially announced by CHED. We also have our preliminary exam in Multimedia scheduled today. So I knew I really had to go.

What's with me that late morning?? I don't know! I just feel like ignoring everything and make this day 'Oh so ordinary'. I even look like crap who obviously just got out of bed. I ignored how I look knowing we'll be having a visitor!

While I was eating, the buyers of the drum set of my sister came to our house to pick it up. I was eating tuyo (dried fish) and egg without utensils, just my hands. :D hehe... I don't care about him/her/them, right? So my mom covered me, just standing beside me so they won't see me eating with my hands. HA-HA! I peeked as they enter while I was eating. OMG! They are 3 handsome, tall and good masculine bodied guys! I was very surprised! I was speechless! I was so ashamed to be seen like that by them... by handsome guys! It was a drop dead moment for me. Somebody shoot me! I look like crap!

So they passed by me towards upstairs to check on the drums. I can hear them trying it out. I hurriedly finished eating so I can peek again to see them when they get down. I'm shy to be seen like that so I only peek. After some trials and a little conversation, they went down with the drums disassembled and placed it in their car. OMG they have a car! Who can ask for more with these guys?! Handsome, tall, masculine plus a CAR! Jackpot! HA-HA! I'm not materialistic though but I can say that it would be better if I or anyone would have a guy like that in her life. Oh and they're also nice. :)

When they left, my dad told us some trivia about them. It turns out that they had a band before but was disbanded. They formed a new one and will be using the drums for their practice. I was impressed because they have talents. :) If only I could ask for their Facebook accounts! :P HA-HA-HA! Good thing their number was stored in my dad's cellphone. :P But it's kinda embarrassing to show aggressiveness so never mind. :P hehe...

I checked my Facebook account. I saw my classmate's shoutout asking if we have classes. I replied to ask if we really have. He answered he didn't know as well. The both of us were still at home waiting for announcements. Then, he shared a link of a news article that classes in all levels are suspended. CHED announced the suspension of classes for tertiary levels! Yeah! Now I have no worries. But just to make sure, I texted a professor who I'm close with. He said we have classes! What the?! Oh man! I really have to go even with a bad weather. My classmate was disappointed too so he decided not to go anymore. Knowing that he's not going, I thought of doing the same as well.  HA-HA! 

I continued on with my Facebook activities. And after a while, my classmates who were at school started posting shoutouts that classes are suspended! Wuhoo! Prayers answered! Good thing I still haven't left home. I wouldn't bother going to school anymore. Saved me time, effort and money! :)

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  1. Deej says:

    HAHA! Super relate!

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