Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shotgun varsity

Today was our Cluster Sports fest. It will be a 3-day long event. Players from 3 different branches of our school will be battling out with sports like basketball, volleyball, badminton and indoor games (table tennis, chess and darts). There is also a Mr. & Ms. competition. (crappy description)

As I am typing this blog, I can feel that my eyes are getting heavy. My brain is not functioning well. Was it obvious with how I started this blog? HA-HA! Crappy, huh? I'm so tired. I'm so exhausted. All I can think of now is my bed. >_<

And why on Earth am I like this? It's because I played volleyball for our school today! That's not all! I was the Captain Ball! Oh man! They OIC in volleyball told me that I was on the list of players just yesterday! And before the game, they've decided to assign me as Captain Ball! What in the world?! I just can't complain because I also played in the Intersports fest last year. I already knew how the event goes so I led and organized them before the game. Though I feel kinda lazy and sleepy because of my 4-hour sleep, I still played for my school. 

Unfortunately, we lost. :( (Our opponent avoids me from having the ball!) But hey! It is a 3-day event! The team who wins the best of 3 games is the champion. Who knows? Tomorrow may be our lucky day. :)

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