Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Candles for them

In my last post, I told that my family and I don't go to the cemetery anymore to visit our loved ones every Halloween. (remember?) But don't get me wrong, eh? We just avoid the holiday rush. We rather visit them on an ordinary day specially if we're not busy.

As for today, which is All Soul's Day, we just lit candles in our garage. (as seen in my previous blog) My mom wrote down the names of our deceased in a paper and told me to carve them on the candles. After carving, I went to the garage and placed them on the cement floor. I equally aligned the candles and made sure to put distances between them so they won't burn each other. I then lit the candles then offered a prayer for them. My mom prepared stick incense and placed it beside the candles.

We do this yearly and make sure to never forget to honor the ones we once loved when they are still alive with us. This is our simple way of paying respect to our departed loved ones. How about yours? :)

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