Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cute Pets

I really love pets. I love animals specially those cute and cuddly ones in their younger years. If only I am rich enough to own a lot, I would do so. :P HAHAHA! Just looking and playing with them takes away the stress everyday.

While surfing the net, I saw this video on Yahoo with a thumbnail of a sleeping cute little puppy. The caption says that the puppy is talking while dreaming. Curious enough, I immediately called my sister and clicked it. To our surprise, the puppy is really talking! HAHA! Obviously not understandable but really amusing, right? haha! After finishing the video, my sister told me to surf for more videos of cute pets. And we were not disappointed. :)

Here are links of suggested videos:
Just surf the videos below for more funny, adorable and amazing pets.

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