Friday, November 5, 2010

PayBox Payment Processor

I was kinda busy these past few days so I haven't got the chance to blog this one. Well as you can see, the title says it all. This blog is about a new online payment processor (e.g. PayPal, Alertpay, etc.), PayBox.

Last Tuesday, after clicking all the ads in my NeoBux PTC site, I noticed that there was still an ad that I haven't clicked. I viewed it but it displayed an error message. It seems like it is just a mini ad, yet I saw their very teasing 'Early Bird' (that's what they call it) offer that caught my attention. Imagine an initial balance of $50 after signing up plus $20 per day! And it's all for FREE!!! Oh, and every time you refer a person, you get $5! What on Earth?! I have to admit, this is so much for an offer. This is so good to be true, right? But still, I signed up. Who knows? It might be real. On the other hand, it might also not be. But signing up is free, right? You won't lose anything even if you give it a try.

Yesterday, I checked my account to see if they really add $20 to your balance. To my surprise, it really does add up! Now I'm a believer! So having the evidence with my testimony to prove it's true, I told my friend, who is also a blogger, about it. I told him how I bumped into it and what happen. He too can't believe it! So I showed him my account balance and history in PayBox, which is $90 this afternoon because of the 2 days added to my $50. He was really shocked! The same shocking expression I experienced when I saw my balance increased. After seeing it all, I finally convinced him to sign up 'cause after all, it's free so there's nothing to worry about.

So now, after reading my experience testimony, let me give you a piece of information of what PayBox is...

PayBox is new to the market and is growing fast. They also feature 'buy and sell' from different users using their PayBox Shop. Receiving and sending money are made easier using your PayBox account. But they are still under development and their transactions are limited within their system for now.

They've got everything and anything you could ask for in a payment processor. 

  • Debit cards linked to PayBox accounts.
  • Easily buy and sell using your PayBox account.
  • Easily send and receive money using your PayBox account.
  • Purchase from nearly any online merchant.
  • Withdraw to nearly any bank account world-wide.
  • Possibly withdraw to other online payment processors.
  • In-exchange from any major world currency.
  • Out-exchange to any major world currency.
*Bulleted details copied from the Bird’s Eye View document for easier and precise explanation. I didn't provide this.

Sadly, since they are new, these services are not yet available because they still haven't reached their target number of users. However, they rely on the Early Bird users, like me, to spread the word and invite friends and others to join. And that's why they put a lot of rewards on the Early Birds users. :P haha! The faster they reach their quota, the earlier they will be able to offer these services. So why not join now? :)

For more information, please click the links listed below:
(or you can click on the linked words/phrase in the blog)

*Not a paid advertisement*

4 Responses so far.

  1. hi there, i'm member of this before but don't know how the site works but i saw some money in my account. Anyway, maybe i should visit the site again.
    by the way, everytime you put message on my chatbox your link was not clickable maybe you should make something about it so i can visit your site in return ..=)

  2. Hey Mona! (was that right?)
    At first, I don't know how the "email/url" input in the chatbox works. I just learned it this afternoon. :P haha! So now I can leave my url there. :)
    About PayBox, you can use the money in your balance through their PayBox Shop. The transactions are only limited within their network. No access to any cards yet. :(

  3. mona here! that's good now i can visit your link more often .,, Anyway, thanks for the paybox info maybe i will ask you again in the future =)

  4. Sure! Happy to help. :) Thanks for the visit as well.

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