Monday, November 22, 2010

Rainy Afternoon Galore

Our professor was absent so me and my friend decided to see a movie early lunchtime. We only had popcorn and softdrinks and felt kinda full so we didn't ate lunch yet. We had a lot of plans for the afternoon like going to Intramuros here at Manila to enjoy the place because we don't have classes anymore.

Around 2:30pm (I think), we ate lunch. Really late, huh? hehe... It was raining when we got out of school. We ate at a near canteen, who serves very good food, so we can go back to school easier and faster. In the middle of our lunch, the rain got SOOO hard we had to wait until it subside. Thinking about our plans and the time, I felt a little gloomy because we won't enjoy the spots in Intramuros. I really thought it will be gone in a while but it didn't. :( huhu...

It was still strong so we had no choice but to walk in the rain. We're a little confident because we have umbrellas. But while we were walking...we got wet! It's like we don't have our umbrellas! The rain's gusting winds were throwing at us together with the rain that got us wet! Oh c'mon!

But hey! That didn't stopped my friends from roaming around. HAHA! We bought some shake coolers (Chillz at Ministop) and drinks. Not even caring that we're wet. HAHA! 

When we got in school, we were so wet! We just chilled, talked and took pictures. :D haha... I brought my digital camera with me so I could take pictures of our escapade and a video blog as well. Sadly, due to heavy weather I had to discard it. :(

Oh well... There's always a next time. Oh! But our galore didn't stop there. We went to Morayta to have some of our friend's thesis papers printed. While there at the computer shop, another friend and I went outside to check out the lovely earrings. She picked and bought one. Then we all went to a nearby mall and a friend (the thesis friend :D haha) bought headphones. HAHA!

It was getting kinda dark so my friend (who bought earrings) and I decided to go home but stop at a mall first on our way home. Mall tour, huh? HAHA! When we got to the mall. She bought a cream and a foundation. Oh man they won't stop buying, huh?! HAHAHA! 

After that, she thanked me for coming with her and bid our goodbyes. It was really tiring! I never thought I can enjoy the day though it's raining. When I got home, I told my mother about my day and showed her some of our pictures. She was laughing and while she also shared some stories about her day. I just love it talking to my mom at the end of each day. :)

How about you? How's your day? Hope you enjoyed your rainy day. :)

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  1. Will says:

    Hello there. Stumbled on your blog. Have a nice day! :D

  2. Well thanks for the comment. :)

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