Monday, January 17, 2011

First New Finds for My 2011

Hey! I just discovered some new establishments that I've always looked out for that made me excited to post it. :P HAHAHA! I just want to share it for the benefit of some who might probably be near the vicinity or might like to visit it.

My mom and I bought some stuff and groceries at Divisoria this afternoon. There are a few supermarkets to choose from that's why we usually buy groceries there. You can go supermarket hopping like us if you like! :P HAHAHA! Okay, I'll skip some parts. On our way to Divisoria Mall (a.k.a DM), I noticed some tarpaulin posters on the new 168 Shopping Mall. It was a poster of Dairy Queen! I got so excited that I told my mom I want us to go there and grab some! She gently replied that we will after we finished buying what we need. For a moment, I felt like a kid asking for some ice cream and my mom gladly spoils me. HAHAHAHAHA! I was so thrilled because I really wished to have a DQ branch near us, either around Divisoria or SM San Lazaro. Finally it did! :) Yipee! It's one of my fave ice cream establishment. :P hehe...

To give you a brief geographical assessment of my environment-- I live at Tondo, Manila. Though, Divisoria is a little far from us, a 15-20 minute jeepney ride(minus the traffic :P). 

Another discovery was that on our way home, I found a new establishment ready to be opened. Yet still have some finishing touches, from how I saw it. It's a new Banco De Oro branch to be opened but not yet announced. They don't even have promotions yet which indicates it won't be opening soon enough. :P hehe... I got so excited again! I was planning on opening a new account at BDO but still looking for a near branch. Now I don't have to look for one because it found it's way to show me. :D I also wished for that. :P HAHAHA! What's with all the wishes, eh? HAHAHA!

This year has been very generous to us at this early time of the year. I hope that it will continue to be bountiful not only for us but for all. God bless everyone! :)

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  1. RyHeAnNe says:

    I love their blizzard!

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