Sunday, January 16, 2011

You're Not Lost

Yes! You are not! You're still browsing my blog, Nash goes chenelyn, but in a different template. :D hehe... I really want to give my blog a make over and I want to change it all (template, badge, banner, blog name) at the same time. Unfortunately, I still can't provide an image for my badge and banner (that I like) that's why I've decided to just change it all one at a time. :( And now you can see some changes like the template and my shout box (on the right side). :) I changed my shout box color to suit the template. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my new followers for having interest in my blog, regular visitors and commenters. :) I hope that you all watch out for the new dress of my blog. As for new visitors, I suggest that you take a look at my blog roll for the list of good stuffed blogs. Happy blogging everyone! :D

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  1. i'm planning to make changes in my blog too .. but still busy with other things .. goodluck n lang sa tin :)

  2. GO! I'll be looking forward to that. :) Good luck satin hehe..

  3. happy Blogging to you too :)

  4. Thanks. See yah around. :)

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