Monday, August 29, 2011

Parfait on a Holiday

First, I would like to apologize for disappearing more than a week. I was busy lately with our thesis and our final examinations. We had to pass a lot of requirements and projects, specially review and get ready for our tests. But I know my readers were kind enough to understand that, eh? :) hehe... I'll be posting some of my previous activities and reply to your kind comments after feeling well because I suddenly felt sick, so just you know.

This afternoon I had my 3rd session of my IPL hair removal at Dermaesthetique. Given that it's only the 3rd session so far, I'm already satisfied with the changes every other session. I also had a nice chat with my attendant. I told you they had good customer service. :) After that, I went to Robinson's Place Ermita because it's just around the corner. Very convenient, eh? I went to Iceberg and had a Strawberry Parfait. You can select your seat then they'll get your order. Oh, this ice cream craving's making me crazy being like this for weeks! Anyway, here's what the Strawberry Parfait at Iceberg looks like.

Oh yeah! I know what you're thinking! :P LOL!

It tastes good and sweet but don't worry 'cause the waiter will give you a glass of water. That's a layer of strawberry, vanilla and strawberry ice cream. It also has some bits of peanuts in it once you reach the middle part and some strawberry syrup at the bottom. The only thing I didn't like in it was the strawberry fruit itself. It was frozen! I even chewed the ice because some of the fruit were covered with ice. I didn't enjoy the fruit. Plus, it tasted like cherry! It tasted syrup or some kind of medicine but cherry flavored. *Ugh!* I love strawberries that why I know if it's the right flavor or not. I consumed the cherry first then the strawberries that's why after that, I could finally say that I enjoyed it and it tastes good. :)

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  1. reese says:

    i like parfait tooo...penge

  2. Finally! An update! :D Hello Nash!

  3. Yummy naman nito anyway, we understand study first before blogging hehe.

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