Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shopping Online or Not?

Oh, shopping! Why are you so addictive?? Although, I don't shop a lot or most of the time, I still find it addictive. Good thing I can control my addiction. (not to mention some resisting help from my mom LOL)

I've been shopping online for years now because I find it really convenient. You can pay electronically (online), choose by just browsing pictures and have your item shipped right at your doorsteps. Easy, huh? However, at first, I only shop for gadgets and novelty stuff. I find novelty stuff on the net hard to find in the local stores, while some are just cute. *wink!* hehe... 

I was hesitant to shop for clothes because of the intangibility of the product while browsing. I'm more comfortable with browsing and fitting clothes/shoes before buying them. I was very pessimistic with it. Oh, c'mon! Shopping for gadgets is easier because you don't have to fit it, right? haha... But since I started using Instagram, I discovered online shops of different items from clothes to gadgets to food and a lot more. Whoa! However, the process of ordering from online shops in Instagram was very new to me. I admit that at first, it's a bit of a hassle when it comes to paying them but I got used to it. (for the love of getting the item, I'll do anything LOL) I still prefer paying through Paypal though. :P hihi... (no offense) I'm only used to buying stuff from independent sites and online shops which lets me pay from my PayPal account.

Although hesitant with the size and fitting of the first garment I bought online, I forced myself to stay and think positive. LOL. And when I got the item, it fit perfectly and the quality was good! And after that, I gained confidence when it comes to buying clothes online. I almost got addicted!...buying clothes, stuff and even food online weekly. HAHA! My mom just woke me up to reality. LOL! I still shop online now, but with moderation. I don't want my earnings to be all just clothes and stuff. I still need to save some money for whatever use and for the future, right? hehe... 

Some of the stuff I've bought online. Clothes, shoes, make up, food, etc.

Just a friendly reminder, shop only from trusted online sellers and shops. Luckily, I haven't been scammed with shopping online and hopefully not in the future. I always check for feedback of online sellers from buyers and the security features of a site. Convenience is what online shopping offers most, but always remember to stay secured not only with your money but most importantly with your identity. Happy online shopping! ;) *wink!*

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